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Thermador Appliance Masters is your service partner for Thermador oven repair. You can expect nothing but lasting results to assist you with your appliance troubles.
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Convenient Thermador Oven Repair Service

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At Thermador Appliance Masters, we provide Thermador oven repair service to avoid the inconvenience of having faulty and malfunctioning cooking appliances. That is why we are always here, available to help any time you need! We also have Thermador wall oven repair available!

  • Thermador Oven heating elements are not working
  • When your Thermador Oven heating element is not working, grease buildup or food crumbs could be blocking gas flow to the igniter is one of the most common causes for a gas burner that has trouble igniting.
  • Thermador Oven electrical wiring issues
  • If you have Thermador oven electrical wiring issues, having a technician is the best solution to fix it. An appliance technician will sort out your electrical wiring issues and get the electricals in place.
  • Thermador Oven smells gas when turned on
  • Leaking gas can be a huge problem in the kitchen. It can cause accidents that could be unsafe for your home. If your Thermador oven smells gas when turned on, be sure to contact a technician right away.
  • Thermador Oven knob problems
  • Thermador oven knob problems can be an easy solution to fix. Replacing them is rather affordable and can be done by yourself. Reach out to a technician if you have trouble doing it yourself.
  • Thermador Oven self-cleaning feature won't work
  • If your Thermador Oven self-cleaning feature doesn't work, consider the following: White ash, white spots, or even white film on the interior is normal. Food soil can leave deposits in the oven after it has burned off but can be removed with a water and vinegar solution and a sponge or cloth.
  • Thermador Oven making noise
  • If you hear your Thermador Oven making noise after the oven is off, you would be right to guess that the cooling fan is the cause. In many cases, since this fan is often a victim to gravity and rising food particles, it just needs a good cleaning and some lubrication.
  • Thermador Oven door hinge issues
  • A broken or bent hinge can prevent an oven door from opening or closing efficiently. Sometimes, a hinge can be loose, in which case you'll want to tighten any screws that bolster it. When you have Thermador Oven door hinge issues, you can realign the hinges or have a technician fix them.
  • Thermador Oven indicator lights are not working
  • If your Thermador oven lights are not working, you may be dealing with bad bulbs, a bad flasher relay, a faulty turn signal switch, or a bad wire or connector. First, check the bulbs to see if they are still in good shape or call a technician to fix them for you.
  • Thermador Oven indoor light not working
  • When your Thermador oven indoor light is not working, check and make sure that there's the power to the oven. Maybe it came unplugged or a circuit shut off. You can also check if the problem is the switch located inside the oven door, which signals to turn on the light when you open the oven.
  • Thermador Oven gas leaks
  • If you suspect that there's a Thermador oven gas leak, contact the utility company's emergency service hotline immediately. The company will dispatch a response team to survey your home, locate the source of the gas leak, and fix it.


Certified Thermador Oven Repair Near Me

thermador oven repair near me | Thermador Appliance Masters

Our certified appliance repair technicians are all highly trained to provide Thermador oven repair near me. No matter the problem with your appliances, rest assured that we will keep them back up and running again in no time because all our specialists have years of experience repairing and servicing almost all possible problems or issues the appliances can have. 

  • Thermador Oven unit won't heat up
  • If your Thermador oven unit doesn't heat up, there might be an issue with the heating element. Simple solutions would be to clean the burner element from grease and food debris.
  • Thermador Oven pilot switch won't turn on
  • If your Thermador oven pilot switch doesn't turn on, look at the breaker and fuse box. If a breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown, reset the breaker or replace the fuse and try turning on the oven once again. If the oven powers up, you have found your problem
  • Thermador Oven door doesn't close tightly
  • If your Thermador oven door doesn't close tightly, replace the hinges with identical new ones and hook them back into the hinge holes in the oven. Push the door down to lock the hinges in place or replace the screws. Check the door springs to see if they are broken.
  • Thermador Oven oven temperature is incorrect
  • A faulty thermostat or temperature sensor can make the oven temperature incorrect. When your Thermador oven temperature is incorrect, contact a technician to help you.
  • Thermador Oven oven light doesn't work
  • If the Thermador oven light doesn't work, but the oven light won't work, the light socket is defective. If the light socket is defective, replace it.
  • Thermador Oven faulty igniter
  • Not only will a Thermador oven faulty igniter mean your oven will not produce any flame or heat, but it could mean that it continues to release natural gas as it tries to ignite.
  • Thermador Oven broken thermostat sensor
  • A Thermador oven broken thermostat sensor will cause the oven not to heat to the correct temperature. If the food takes longer to cook or is undercooked when cooking time is completed, this is due to the oven not reaching the desired heat. 
  • Thermador Oven broiler setting won't work
  • If a Thermador oven broiler setting doesn't work, the problem could be the broiler burner igniter or the electronic oven control board in a gas oven.
  • Thermador Oven inconsistent temperatures
  • When your Thermador oven has inconsistent temperatures that can often span from a faulty bake element, it is important to remember that they have two bake elements, one above and one below. You should check both with a visual test to look for cracks or blistering.
  • Thermador Oven burnt wire connection
  • Using the cord from an old oven is possible as long as it is still in safe working order with very minimal wear and tear. When you have a Thermador oven burnt wire connection, you should have a technician fix it.

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Different Thermador Oven Repair Fuel Types

Thermador Appliance Masters has been serving residents and businesses with several Thermador oven repair fuel types. People trust in our services to provide quality appliance repairs and complete satisfaction in every service we deliver. Whatever problem you have, our service technicians have the answers to get your unit working in optimal condition. Our repair technicians are qualified and competent to deal with any gas or electric issue with your appliances. From broken heating elements to faulty thermostats, our technicians will get the right solutions for you. With the skills and knowledge of our service technicians and using only genuine replacement parts and precision tools, you can rest assured that we will keep your appliances working flawlessly again in no time.
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